Well Checks

Ages 3-70 For Children/Parents/Adults
As parents we take our children to visit their doctor annually to ensure our children are hitting the benchmarks in ‘normal’ development. We supply them with all the tools and resources to prevent disease or catch disease in early stages and we walk away with information better equipping us to support our children in their physical development. As adults we visit our doctors regularly for health and wellness checks.
Mental Health is no different. Prevention offers us insights, information and guidance on how to support our children through stages of development. Adults also transition through multiple stages in life, some prove more difficult than others, and do in fact impact our mental well being. If depression and/or anxiety or ADHD run in families, it is important to have children assessed at an early age, prior to onset of symptoms. Prevention is often the best treatment to avoid disease and mental health assessments can do the same.
Families who have one or both parents who have experienced mental health issues like depression, mood disorders or trauma or personality disorders, often parent from their perspective of life. This can influence a child’s development in subtle and obvious ways. If you are a parent, and need support in understanding impact of transitioning symptoms into your methods of parenting please reach out for consultation and support.
We Offer:
  • Information on ages and stages of normal and healthy development (birth to 70)
  • Information on signs and symptoms of mental health and mental illness.
  • Assessments re: current behaviors including sudden changes in personality, increased risk taking behavior etc..
  • Planning and support re: identifying and building on your strengths or your child’s strengths to enhance resiliency
  • Consultations re: behavior identified as concerning by parents or changes in your own behavior
  • Methods and structure to develop healthy lifestyles and healthy attachments.
We Will:
  • Examine strengths and vulnerabilities: How to enhance balance and health into lifestyle.
  • Explore methods of parenting to minimize risk of transitioning symptoms: e.g. anxious parents tend to raise anxious kids.
  • Support and strategize methods to enhance parent/child relationship: If you are depressed it is often times hard to reach out to anyone, and bonding with children can be just as difficult.
  • Increase awareness: Often times just knowing your symptoms and recognizing how your history both positively and negatively impacts your parenting style is important. We can adjust approaches so your child receives more of the best of you!
We Encourage:
  • Open discussion on healthy lifestyles: Managing social media, rules and guidelines to follow
  • Family Discussions: Bringing families together to meet and learn how to support each other.
  • Tapping into your personal strengths and identifying opportunities for growth.

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