Heather Tietjen-Mooney, LISW-S, LCSW Psychotherapist

I believe that with each unique person, comes a unique set of strengths and possibilities. There is no one approach to address any identified problem, or hiccup in ones life, so my approach is eclectic. I merge theory and technique and intervention strategies suitable to address the unique needs of the person before me. It’s psychotherapeutic tailoring, designed to engage and produce results.

Children do not want to sit in the office and discuss their problems, they learn from the world around them: art, play, music, nature walks, and story telling are a few methods that can be filtered into evidenced based models to ensure progress and change. Individuals do not want to complete homework assignments to manage anxiety, so real world experiences are often incorporated. Sadness is real, but so is joy. Discovering moments of joy, finds its way into every session. Therapy is hard work, but it should also be a journey you look forward to taking.

Parents and individuals are not always able to commit to weekly office appointments, so by offering tele-therapy services, this process of healing and change can receive the consistent attention necessary through convenient means and hippa secured video links.

I am a psychotherapist, with a Specialized Mental Health Master’s Degree in Social Work, and a BS in Art Therapy and Psychology. I pull from my diverse fields, and 30 years of practicing to offer opportunity for those seeking insight, change, mindfulness, confidence, courage or just to recognize the joy of life more frequently and more fully.
I welcome you authentically into this process.

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